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The Uncommon Woman Tour 2018

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

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I am still flying high from being a part of The Uncommon Woman Cross Country Tour 2018! I thought I would share a bit about my journey leading up to this tour.

The Uncommon Woman, a powerful and unapologetic movement using storytelling to inspire and empower others. The aim is to reach women from all backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences and give them a stage to share their stories and to help others overcome pain and adversity while creating a community and Sisterhood of healing and support.

I thank Creator and the Universe for bringing Marlo Ellis into my life. Marlo Ellis is the Founder and Visionary of The Uncommon Woman, Speaker and Leadership Coach. She has worked with thousands of women over the past decade, guiding them through adversity towards positive change and empowerment. And she worked with me!

If you've ever lived in a smaller city like Thunder Bay, you'll know how small the world can be. It seems like everyone you meet knows someone else you know - like six degrees of separation. I know that is just another example of how we are all connected in this world. When I met Marlo to discuss The Uncommon Woman Tour, I wasn't surprised that we had shared history.

I told her about my mother, Ruby, and how she is one of the missing Indigenous women in Canada and presumed murdered by Robert Pickton. I first met Marlo at the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry in Thunder Bay. I had just finished my public testimony. You can view my testimony here:

Marlo and my mom grew up in the same neighbourhood! Her mom and my grandmother went to community events together! When things like this happen, I know it's the Universe working its magic. So I know to trust that. I was so happy that Marlo asked me to join The Uncommon Woman Tour as one of the keynote speakers in Thunder Bay and Vancouver!!!

As a lecturer at Lakehead University, I felt fairly confident in my abilities to speak in public. I quickly realized that speaking about your own story is much different. Talking about the trauma I have experienced proved to be harder than I thought it would be.

Marlo told me about a program she was running called Seats to Stage. This program is designed to literally take you from sitting in the seats at a speaking engagement straight to owning the stage at your own speaking engagement. Over the12 week program, I learned so much about myself and grew into a more confident speaker and leader! I am so blessed to have connected with the four other amazing women in this group!

These women inspire me everyday! Having support from so many amazing women really empowered me to shine my own amazing light. I thank Creator and the Universe everyday!

I have embraced my spirit, Zongwe Binesikwe (Sounding Thunderbird Woman). I honour my spirit. This is what Marlo sent to me on the day of The Uncommon Women Tour in Thunder Bay:

"Today is the day your sound will be carried on the wings of your soul to the people who need to hear you. Your life path will provide clarity for others who are in the midst of stormy times. Stand tall on the shoulders of your story. Drop into your deepest wisdom. Call in your elders and mentors for guidance. Speak from your soul and allow your story to unfold. We are surrounding you as you step forward into a new path of your life work. We love you. We are with you."

I'm so blessed to have such great supports in my life!

Miigwetch! Thank you!

Until next time, All my Relations


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