Zongwe Binesikwe

Sounding Thunderbird Woman

Zongwe Binesikwe (zhong-way bi-nee-si-quay), Sounding Thunderbird Woman, Crystal A. Hardy, is a 2-Spirit Anishinaabe storyteller, spiritual artist and public speaker. They/She. Bear Clan. Binjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek. Rocky Bay First Nation.

Their Spirit name is Zongwe Binesikwe, Sounding Thunderbird Woman and they make thunder in keynote addresses and seminars with topics related to decolonizing healthcare practices through cultural humility, empowerment of Indigenous people, and missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

They are no stranger to the hardships and trauma that many Indigenous people face. Their mother is one of the missing Indigenous women in Canada. They survived years of childhood neglect and abuse and symptoms of complex PTSD. Zongwe has overcome adversity to become a shining light to others. 

They share knowledge and experience from working as a writer, journalist, educator, nurse practitioner (non-practicing), and media maker, with their personal healing journey as an Indigenous person with complex PTSD.


Storytelling & Speaking

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Spiritual Art


Journalism & Media